Minimalism : An Art Form

Minimalism : An Art Form

Every day the world is changing. Changing faster than it ever has. Evolving, learning and unlearning along the way, we realise fashion is the change. Often we see fashion in form of a time lapse playing as we watch. It is no more a formula or a design, fashion is a concept. Fashion is an idea deep implanted and well rooted, arising from an assemblage of thoughts. If you look back through the ages that fashion has influenced, you will notice the grandeur, the extravaganza and the noise. You will take note of the effort and the unease that rested on shoulders of men and women. Since then, the world has expanded and grown, and so has fashion. What trickled down from the remnants of these inspirations is what we call Minimalism. Minimalism is an art of being. It's a story said in words that don't fall short. Minimalism is just enough– sans the extravaganza.This craft is marked by interlacing, borrowing and overlaying the practiced principles and elements of design. It is a way of life that conveys- less is more.


The art of minimalism is currently in its highest stride. Often revisiting age old traditions, explorations and concepts as expression, minimalistic jewellery is leaving a mark in the history of jewellery making. We, at NIIAASHI, believe in this art form. Depicted throughout our designs is an underlying story, an elaborate journey through thoughts, integrations and deductions till our idea is effortlessly sacred and in its purest form waiting to become a master piece. Minimalist jewellery is a pictorial vocabulary of the social history of our times. On closer viewing, minimalism borrows ideas and theories from archaic forms of artistic impression.

It understands the need to establish communication between the maker and wearer. We design to instigate a sense of simplicity, a sense of familiarity between our craft and you. Minimalism breathes life into a design that begins with a visual, a note or a painting. It dissolves the line between jewellery as art and jewellery as object for people. Minimalism reconciles the ideals of beauty and utility. It strips down that design into its bare minimum, leaving behind a tale of intricacies and romance, a tale that we call NIIAASHI.

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